Nitro Nobel in Gyttorp


Nitro Nobel in Gyttorp once had a big network of tracks, both inside and outside of the factory, for example connection to NBJ which is the closest mainline. The gauge was 600mm. This article describes the history of this factory raise and fall.

Since we have many locomotives and wagons from this line in our collection, we wanted early on to print this information. At first we had plans for a booklet with alot pictures, but because of print costs this had to wait for many years. Now we decided to publish the material on the net on our website instead.

During the time of research, alot photos, maps, drawings and historical information has been found. The staff of the Nitro Nobel archives has been very helpful and interested in every part of our research. Sadly some information is lost because of cleanups between 1940 and 1960.

Some information has also been given from Noraskogs archive.

Range of the research

The oldest pictures are from the 50\'s and forward to the end of the line in 1982. Nitro Nobel had a similar line on the previous location, some pictures are from there, but mainly it is the current place in Gyttorp we present here. In total there is 138 photos, drawings or maps.


Lennart Ericsson in Örebro, is the one who made the main work with collecting all material. Lennart is also the one who has taken the most pictures through the years. The work of scanning photos and adapting for the web, is done by Henrik Laurell in Göteborg. The following photographers has participated. The number in parentheses specifies there number of photos, the first two letters are the initial which is used on all pages to reference to photographers.